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Sunny Style

In honor of National Sunglasses Day, I wanted to address the one accessory I never, ever leave the house without — sunglasses!  I’ve been known to play favorites with my eyewear and this pair from Coastal is quickly become an MVP.  (You can see where I’ve recently worn them here, here, and here, and I only just got them two weeks ago.)  Style is super important when it comes to sunglasses, of course, but I also seek out pairs that protect my sensitive eyes and don’t weigh too heavy on my face or else I get wicked headaches.  This pair is so light I barely know they’re there.  Not to mention they’ve made me realize what a difference having polarized lenses makes.  Game changer.  I have to say the best thing about these Coastal sunglasses though was that I got to customize them from start to finish, and they make it so simple to add prescriptions or different lens types (and even give you little notes about what activities each lens/tint is best for).  Oh and they’re scratch resistant which is awesome if you’re someone like me who regularly forgets the case they came in when they leave the house.

Thanks Coastal for gifting me my new favorite shades and Happy National Sunglasses Day!

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