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Tech Cleanse

I’ve basically taken a month off from scrolling through social media and watching Snapchat stories and instead placed my focus firmly on taking in the sites along the road.  I was still (attempting to) regularly update my own feeds (mainly Instagram), but most of the time we had no cell service and WiFi was even harder to come by and honestly, it was kind of amazing.  It was like a technology cleanse.  Don’t get me wrong, my camera(s) were out constantly and there were times I was feverishly checking my phone for a signal, but it was in an effort to capture our surroundings or find our next roadside attraction or camping location.

Speaking of, yes, we camped.  In a tent.  For three weeks.  And being home and having a real bed again is both amazing and a little weird.  Falling asleep under the stars and waking up to the sun rising was the actual best thing ever.  Our first night home putting the tv on before bed was an odd feeling and “sleeping in” past sunrise felt even stranger.  So did having no urgency to pack up and get going, whether on a hike or getting back on the road.  I feel like taking a cross-country road trip is one of those things many people talk about doing, but might never actually do.  If you have the chance, take it.  I’ve traveled to other states before but watching the landscapes change from one state to the next was indescribable.  We fell in love with the whole experience so much that we’re actually already planning our next adventure, and in the meantime, I’m going to be sharing some of the travel tips I learned along the way and our favorite spots we visited on our travels.




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