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Pink Throwback

Can you believe tomorrow marks 15 years since the movie Legally Blonde was released?  I remember my friends and I going through a real pink phase after that movie came out, a color that you now rarely find me in, but back then was the ultimate shade to channel your inner Elle Woods.  I mean, the girl had fashion sense and the smarts to get into Harvard Law (“What, like it’s hard?”).   As a nod to the 15th anniversary, this pink linen shirt dress seemed like the perfect casually professional tribute to a former fashion icon.  And at $15 from TJ Maxx it was too good to pass up.

Thank you to TJ Maxx for helping me re-create this look in honor of Legally Blonde’s big anniversary!  I had a blast finding an Elle-worthy outfit that also fit my personal style.

pinkthrowback_1 pinkthrowback_2 pinkthrowback_3

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