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Rain Shoes

Yesterday’s threats of flooding but a damper on the day’s plans (pun intended).  Instead of heading out-of-town as planned, I left the house to brave the rain exactly twice – once to go to physical therapy and another to pick up eggs, and I was thankful to finally have a shoe to wear for those errands that weren’t my leather sandal.  (It’s starting to get old that these are the only shoes that really fit right now.)  When I worked in New York City I decided I needed a pair of jelly Tory Burch flats as my “rain shoe” for summer storms.  They were a relief from the usual rain boots, and much more sanitary than flip-flops, but they still didn’t really breath and hot, wet feet in rubber isn’t ideal.  This pair from the Australian shoe company Mox arrived this week just in time to become my new favorite rain shoes; especially because the breathable, mesh-like construction means my still swollen foot actually fits comfortably in them without overheating.

{c/o Mox shoes*}

*Use code raving10 to save 10% on your purchase through 8/28/2015


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