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Summer Book Club

It’s been a few weeks since my last summer book club roundup, but between heading out-of-town and prepping for the holiday weekend, there hasn’t been much time to sit back with a new book.  (Although there are quite a few I have queued up to read.)  With one of my favorite holidays for BBQ-ing coming up this weekend though, I have been having fun browsing some new cookbooks for recipe inspirations.  Summer is all about feasting on light and fresh meals and I’m all about using fresh fruits and veggies for healthier meals.  These three cookbooks are my current favorites to add a little creativity to our dinner routine.

Simply in Season: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Mary Beth Lind)

A fruit and vegetable guide and 300+ seasonal recipes.  I’m looking forward to trying out the lemon and herb butters on some Jersey corn this weekend.

Fresh From The Farm: A Year of Recipes and Stories (Susie Middleton)

The author is nicknamed the “Queen of Fresh” so what better source to turn to when it’s time to cook up my latest farmer’s market finds.

Guilt-Free Baking: Low-Calorie and Low-Fat Sweet Treats (Gee Charman)

Guilt-free desserts?  Sign me up!  Brownies that won’t totally destroy my waistline sound too good to be true.  I’ll let you know once I whip some up.


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