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You know how some days more so than others you just wake up with an, “I’m going to kick some butt today,” attitude?  I’m rounding out this week with a few of those days.  I started yesterday morning feeling empowered with my no-nonsense all-black outfit, and by midday when my new “Tough As Nails” necklace showed up on my doorstep, I felt like I could tackle anything.  (Even the puppy sneaking off to snack on my camera’s SD card couldn’t stop me.)  Maybe I can’t give all the credit to an outfit, but knowing that 20% of proceeds from Accessory Concierge’s Breast Cancer Awareness Program “Tough as Nails—Bloggers for BCA” go to reminds me of some of the bravest and strongest women I’ve ever known and that certainly makes me feel a heck of a lot tougher.

toughasnails_2 toughasnails_3 toughasnails_4 toughasnails_5 { Accessory Concierge necklace; H&M skirt (similar from Asos) and ring; Fabletics tank; Asos jacket (similar from Forever 21); Gentle Fawn scarf; Just Fabulous shoes; Ray Ban sunglasses}

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