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Beach Days


During my college years especially, I was reckless with my skin and didn’t take sun protection very seriously.  I used to think I could bake for hours in the sun with little more than a low-SPF oil to defend me from burning.  Being relatively fair-skinned and a strawberry blonde, this meant that I’d wind up a nice tender red more often than I’d come home golden bronzed.  I’ve learned from my mistakes though and these days I take sun defense much more seriously.  I apply sunscreen generously and often, try to limit my time in the sun, and I now believe a brimmed hat and long-sleeved coverup are a girl’s best friends.

beachdaze_2 beachdaze_3 beachdaze_4 beachdaze_5 beachdaze_6 beachdaze_7{Gap coverup; J. Crew hat; Just Fabulous sandals; eBay sunglasses; The Angel Lines bracelet; misc. bracelet; Cat Bird ring}

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