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Rain Hair


Some days you just know there’s no point in wasting much time on your hair, and so far this week has been full of them.  Yesterday I just about gave up all together, only taking the time to half dry it before running out the door.  Paired with an outfit with an easygoing tee and button-down combo, the “beachy” waves didn’t feel too out-of-place.  And I felt much less upset when it started pouring halfway through the day knowing I’d spent all of 5 minutes doing my hair.

rainhair_2 rainhair_3 rainhair_4 rainhair_5 rainhair_6{Loft shirt (similar from Loft); Forever 21 tee (similar from Forever 21); J. Crew skirt; Just Fabulous wedges; Ray Ban sunglasses}

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