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Ice Cold


I took full advantage of the snow day yesterday, happily spending my time indoors in comfy black pants and a short-sleeved sweatshirt, and would have been just fine not leaving the house at all.  The bf has been wanting to see Gravity for an awfully long time though, so since it was rereleased in IMAX at our local theater, we decided to have an impromptu Monday night date night.  Not wanting to depart from the comfort of these ponte pants, I instead decided to add a silky top under my warm top, threw on some fiery heels, and a little “ice” accessory.  Yup, I’m revisiting the thumb ring, and loving the way this one adds just the right touch of sparkle.

icecold_2 icecold_3 icecold_4 icecold_5 icecold_6{Choies sweatshirt; J. Crew Pixie pant; Lush top; ShoeDazzle heels; ℅ Anjolee ring; eBay sunglasses}


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