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In the Kitchen

My kitchen is my happy place.  I love researching recipes for meal inspiration so I’ve decided to start sharing recipes that are on my radar.  If you have any recipes that you love please share them, I always love trying new dishes!

Balancing sweet and spice with a Jalapeño Mango Chicken dish is a great way to liven up weekly dinners.  I’m thinking of making this recipe and substituting pineapple for the mango, but only because I already have cut pineapple in our fridge.

A few years ago we stopped at a Lodge Factory Store and so began my cast iron skillet love affair.  I use them so much when cooking so recipes that specifically call out skillet use always catch my eye.  Plus this Honey Dijon Skillet Chicken sounds like a super easy weeknight meal.

I’m not a huge fan of cooked spinach, but everything else about a Sundried Tomato, Spinach, and Cheese Stuffed Chicken sounds delicious!  And arugula makes a great spinach substitute and we’ve always got that in our kitchen.

I’m 90% sure Mike could survive exclusively on burritos and pizza if given the opportunity.  I want to try whipping up a Meat-Free, Sweet Potato Burrito version that will hopefully be a winner.

I live for spicy dishes so Firecracker Chicken sounds right up my alley.

Which recipes will you be trying out this week?

Photo from Damn Delicious.