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New Year Resolutions

This week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we’re spending working on house projects, recharging from the holiday craziness, and just generally prepping for the new year.  Of course with all that I can’t help but think about resolutions.  Last year I tried to set realistic goals instead of “resolutions” for myself and I can’t say that I was much more successful with that mindset than I am with traditional resolutions.  So this year, I’m going back to the traditional resolution route, and instead of setting a laundry list of expectations for myself — which I could easily do, I’ve got four that I’d really like to adhere to in 2018.

1. Capture more memories.  I take a lot of photos, sure, but most times they’re perfectly (attempted) propped and styled shots.  A few years back, I got an Instax camera and I love bringing it out for special outings and big occasions and the photos are always so much more candid and relaxed since you only get one shot.  I bought us this album to fill this year with one mini photo a day and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures we’ll get to look back on next year.

2. Move more.  We like to ride our bikes as much as possible when the weather is warmer, but once it gets cold we admittedly aren’t as active as we’d like to be and we’ve got a lot of cold days of ahead of us still.  I’m resolving to put these cute leggings to good use and get moving more, even if it’s just a quick workout or an extra long walk outside with the pup (bundled up under lots of layers).

3.  Create a better balance.  I won’t deny that my work/life balance isn’t the greatest.  I spend almost every night with the laptop in bed until midnight working, and check my emails before I even wish my little family good morning.  It’s not a great routine I’ve gotten myself into and it’s affecting my sleep.  I need to commit to more of a schedule this year and hopefully, stick with it.

4.  Take better care.  I try to take good care of my clothing, but our washer and dryer often have other ideas in mind.  This year I’ve gotten really tired of seeing pieces stretched or torn and twisted, but dry cleaning everything in my closet isn’t a realistic option.  Instead, I’ve been making an effort to either run most pieces through the gentle cycle and hang them dry, or turn to my favorite laundry companion, the Dryel laundry bags.  Honestly, most of my more delicate pieces are in better hands in a Dryel bag than going through a regular wash cycle, even when they’re not dry clean only.  Of course, I’ll still be turning to them for my dry clean pieces too.