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Party Perfect

The first weekend of December is like the ultimate kick-off to the holiday party season.  It seems like once the first of the month hits, there’s events, dinners, and parties back-to-back-to-back, so in order to stay on top of the hectic scheduling, I’m more than happy to seek out new shortcuts that can help me get party-ready in no time at all.  From grooming to primping to heading out the door, I’m sharing five products that I’m loving right now.

1.  After years of over-plucking in high school, I avoid tweezers at all costs, but I still like to keep those random hairs that don’t belong well-kempt.  The idea of putting hair removal gel so close to my eyebrows made me a little nervous at first, but it actually couldn’t be easier to use the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper.  Plus it’s a natural hair removal so it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, and it’s long-lasting so it keeps those stray hairs away through the holiday season.

2.  Since everyone is putting so much time and effort into getting dressed up and looking their best, you know there’s going to be a lot of photos taken.  Whether it’s selfies or group shots, I want my teeth looking sparkling and white, especially with all the red wine and coffee flowing.  That said, I hate how sensitive my teeth feel when I use certain teeth whitening gels, so I was excited to try out an all-natural whitening paste with an LED whitener.  While the Natural Boost Whitening Paste and LED Teeth Whitener couldn’t have been easier to use, and the All Natural Toothpowder was a fun change from what I’m used to, my favorite thing was the Charcoal Infused toothbrush.  My teeth felt cleaner than ever!  (Get 20% off your purchase with code PLOBOXX17)

3.  A lot of nights I’m running from work to one of these parties and lugging around a big heavy makeup bag for touch-ups isn’t going to happen, so I’m head over heels that I found Woosh Beauty: The Fold Out Face.  It’s compact enough to throw in my bag, and it’s got everything I need — eyeshadows, blushes, highlighter, 4 makeup brushes that snap together into one, contouring powders, concealer/foundation, and even a mirror.  I especially love the blenders because not only are they great for, well, blending, but they’re perfect for touching up a little shine throughout the night on my nose or forehead.  (You can use code BB15OFF for 15% off your Woosh Beauty purchase.)

4.  I’m always on the hunt for a good “going out” scent.  Something a little moodier, yet still feminine.  ROSÉ RUSH Paris Hilton turned out to be the perfect wintry scent.  It’s got dark floral notes, yet it’s also still a bit musky, which I personally love.  A quick spritz out the door and I’m feeling almost part-ready.

5.  While heels and mules are great, boots are stylish and practical.  A great pair of boots can be dressed up or down, have a bit of personality, and can take an outfit from alright to oh wow.  They’ll keep your feet warmer, they’re easier to walk in, and when they’re as cute as these cheetah print Vince Camuto Chelsea Boots they’ll also be making all of your friends jealous.  They complete the look and have me ready to walk out the door looking party perfect.

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