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Tea Up Movie Nights with Swiss Premium Teas

There’s something magical about sitting outside at dusk, watching movies on a big screen, so we’ve been trying to make backyard movie nights a more regular thing.  Whether it’s just the two of us or a group of friends, it’s the perfect way to take advantage of summer nights outdoors.  We grab snacks and drinks and settle in for some of our favorite features.  Lately, we’ve been trying to keep our snacking on the healthier side, staying away from candies and sodas in lieu of fresh fruits, bite-sized pretzels, and iced teas.

I usually make my own iced tea/lemonade blend, but juicing the lemons, making the simple syrup, waiting for the tea to brew and then chill in the refrigerator means I don’t get to be as spontaneous with these get-togethers.  The all-natural ingredients of Swiss Premium™ Tea products, starting with just water, sugar and tea, means I still get to avoid preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup, while still enjoying my go-to beverage whenever I want it, without all the mess and work.  Which also means we can have movie nights under the stars whenever the mood strikes.

Up on our play list this summer are some of our favorite summer movies and some we haven’t seen before.  We’ve been tallying votes from friends and family to put together the perfect line-up, and while it’s still a work in progress, these are some of the features that have made the cut.

• Now and Then

• Dirty Dancing

• I Know What You Did Last Summer

• Wet Hot American Summer

• Fast Times at Ridgemont High

• Sandlot

• Shag

• Almost Famous

• Dazed and Confused

• The Long, Long Trailer

We’re still looking for more ideas to add to our list, so share your favorite summer movies with me on Facebook and Twitter, and let me know how do you plan to #TeaItUp this summer.   You can also enter to win a $2,000 Tea It Up! Summer Package by entering here or just grab a coupon here to make your next Swiss Premium Tea purchase a little sweeter.

Thanks to Swiss Premium Tea for sponsoring this post.