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How to Unplug

Has anyone else really felt like they should put more focus on unplugging lately?  I spend so much time looking at computer and phone screens that I’m starting to worry about the effect it may have.  Superficially speaking, my concern over “tech neck” is growing, but also, I get horrible migraines and I can’t help but wonder if some time away from screens might help so I’ve started looking for activities to keep my idle hands busy at night.  These are four of my current go-to’s to help me step away from my screens and unplug.

1. Color – In my office, my desktop calendar is a coloring calendar because when I’m brainstorming and working, sometimes I find doodling helps.  It’s got a zen-like effect, so coloring while relaxing on the couch at night is becoming a new bedtime ritual to help unwind.

2. Knit –  When I was little, my grandmother was always knitting, everything from blankets to Barbie doll outfits, and she taught me how to knit right beside her.  It’s something I haven’t done in years, but recently I decided to pick it back up.  I’ve got my mind set on making a beautiful, oversized knit blanket so I’m practicing the craft so I can work up to that.  Not to mention there’s a pleasant nostalgia that goes along with it.

3.  Read –  This one is kind of tricky for me, and not just because I tend to lose sleep getting so invested in a new book, but because almost all my books these days are downloaded on my Kindle app so it negates the purpose of unplugging.  I am, however, dedicated to print edition magazines but rarely find the time to sit and flip through them.  Forcing myself to take the time to unplug has also given me the perfect excuse to catch up on my magazine stacks.

4. Listen –  We’ve been on a real podcast kick ever since we drove cross-country this past fall, and it’s become a habit we’ve integrated into our nightly ritual.  Instead of turning on a tv show or movie to mindlessly watch until we fall asleep (which honestly is more effective at keeping me awake than helping me fall asleep), we’ve been finding podcasts to listen to, to wind down from the day.  *We’re always on the hunt for great new podcasts to listen to so please let me know your suggestions!

What are your favorite ways to unplug?