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New Goals

I’m at the point where I’m past the stay in bed and sleep phase, but I’m still run down and not feeling 100%.  Since I still can’t do much, I’ve been having short bursts of productivity to get cracking on my new year goals.  As much as I love the idea of resolutions, they rarely stick, so instead I’ve been trying to put together realistic goals for 2017.  Of course, I want to eat healthier, work out more, spend less and give more, but below are three of my personal goals for 2017 that I’ve already started putting into action, just a couple of days into this new year.

1. Get Seriously Organized – We’ve been in our home for 3 years now, so the boxes and “temporary” spots of miscellaneous things aren’t flying anymore.  This year I want to really find a proper spot for things, and not just say we will.  I’ve been starting in the kitchen and it feels so good to have a home for the little ramekins and various kitchen tools that were previously shoved here and there.  There’s still a ways to go, (where does one find room to store a wok, anyway?) but it makes me excited to cook and host more dinner parties.

2. Read More Books – I have an embarrassing number of books downloaded in my Kindle that I want to read.  I’m not sure what seems more daunting if it’s the initial decision of figuring out what to read first or the actual act of finding time to sit down and read.  Not to mention ever since we got Google Home we’ve developed a routine of putting on a podcast before bed.  But I love getting lost in a book so I want to make the time to put a dent in my library this year so I sat down and started a list of the books I want to dig into first.  I’m thinking to start the year on a light and funny note with Clinton Kelly’s I Hate Everyone, Except You sounds like a good plan.

3. Practice French – Last year I started using Duolingo in an attempt to teach myself the french language.  I was very good at sticking to it until we left for our road trip and I started slacking.  It turns out it’s very easy to find excuses not to practice once some time passes.  This year I’m vowing to stick with it.  Admittedly, I didn’t do a lesson on January 1, but I made up for it with two lessons yesterday.  Baby steps.