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6 Last-Minute Gift Basket Ideas

It’s the week before Christmas and we’re all in crunch time trying to wrangle up thoughtful, last-minute gifts, wrapped up in pretty packaging.  It can be a daunting task, so I put together a few gift basket ideas that can be put together in the eleventh hour and require no wrapping paper, just a little ribbon.

The New Home Owner: Whether it’s a new apartment or a new house, moving is such a fun, exciting, and expensive experience.  Unless you know exactly what they have or need, it’s better to avoid giving home decor that may not suit their tastes or kitchen tools they’ll never use.  That’s why I love the idea of putting together a basket of your personal favorite cleaning supplies.  We can’t live without disinfecting wipes, magic erasers, or Biz laundry detergent (seriously this stuff is the best for everything from everyday laundry, set in stains, and even carpet and upholstery), they’re the products that come in handy most, no matter the spill or mess.  Gift them in a storage bin they’ll be able to keep under their sink for clutter-free storage and throw in a homey, scented candle to finish it off and it’s sure to be a gift they’ll appreciate.

c/o Biz Detergent, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Lysol wipes, Essential Elements candle / Ikea box with lid

The College Student:  College dorm rooms typically aren’t very spacious, and since that’s where the bulk of their time is spent, you want to make sure to gift them something they’ll be able to get good use out of while they’re away from home.  I suggest a fun calendar to help keep them organized, cozy socks for late nights studying or hanging with friends, a statement making mug for all those necessary cups of coffee, and some miracle working wrinkle release spray because no one has time to iron in college, but you still don’t want to be the guy going to class looking like you just rolled out of bed (even if you did).  And the plastic bin it comes it is perfect for storing whatever odds and ends are currently scattered all over their desk. calendar / Aerie Real Soft® socks / Cotton On mug / c/o Downey Wrinkle Releaser Plus / Ikea box

The Handyman: This one is great for that relative, friend, or neighbor who either is always working on projects or always putting them off.  A kit filled with the essential tools and a six-pack to celebrate the project’s completion.  I like the idea of finding a local brewery’s beer for a more personal touch.

Ikea toolkit / Cricket Hill Brewery beer / Ikea box

The Beauty Queen: Perfect for teens, tweens, or beauty junkies, a hairbrush that fits perfectly in your hand and painlessly gets rid of tangles, a face mask, lip scrub, and face primer gets the skin glowy and make-up ready are the kind of products no one can resist.  I also threw in my personal, most-worn nail colors — a great red, the perfect white, and a moody, not-quite-black.  And this little box comes with a lid so they can throw all their lipsticks or nail polishes in it after the holidays.

c/o Dessata brush / Formula X nail polishes / c/o E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer / c/o E.L.F. Hydrating Bubble Mask / c/o E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator / Ikea box

The Binge Watcher:  When it’s cold outside it’s hard to resist the appeal of curling up on the couch and diving into hours of a new-to-you series or movie marathon.  When I found this “Binge Watching Survival Kit” I knew it’d make a great gift.  It’s already stocked with things you might need for a long couch session, like socks, face wipes, hand cleaner, floss, and sporks, so all that’s mixing is popcorn and their favorite candy.

Sour Patch watermelon candies / Jiffy Pop popcorn / Pinch Provisions Binge-Watching Survival Kit / Ikea box

The Overworked: The holidays can be stressful, so this gift kit is just the thing for anyone in your life that could use a reminder to sit back and relax.  There’s everything you need to unplug and kick your feet up.  A light comedy and a dark thriller book options for whatever mood strikes, luxurious lotion, bath and massage oils in soothing scents, and some indulgent dark chocolate should help even the most stressed-out recipient kick up their feet and unwind.

c/o Dog Training the American Male book / c/o Dark Associations book / Perugina dark chocolate / c/o Belli body lotion / c/o Kneipp lavender body oil / c/o Kneipp bath oil / Ikea box

Thanks to Biz for sponsoring this post and for making such a great product!