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I’ve always tried to be conscious of my skin care routine, but there are so many creams and serums out there it can be completely overwhelming.  Masks are an especially popular skin care product, but with so many options it can be tough to choose which are worth the money.  I decided I wanted to test out and compare some affordable options and share my thoughts.

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Urban Outfitters is an excellent place to find all sorts of fun little goodies, and I’ve passed by their face mask collection several times before my curiosity got the best of me and I had to give them a try.  The TONYMOLY Red Wine mask, in particular, caught my eye since a face mask and red wine just sound like the perfect pampering combination.  They have mixed reviews for a good reason, though.  They’re sheet masks, which I love since you don’t have to worry about washing your face when you’re done, but if you have sensitive skin you might want to skip these as they can cause irritation.  Also, they’re 4 for $10 at Urban Outfitters (they’re also at Ulta), or you can purchase them directly from TONYMOLY.


I think Peter Thomas Roth makes some great skincare products, but they can be a bit pricey.  Sephora has a sampler kit though that lets you try out a variety of their face masks without feeling guilty about spending a small fortune.  The best part is that because they come in little tubes so you can get a few uses out of each one, whereas other masks are a one and done product.  Plus, there’s one made with 24K gold which is about as luxe as it gets.  Would I necessarily shell out $50+ for a full-size tub of these masks? I’m not sure, but this sample pack is a great way to sample them out and decide for yourself.  (Amazon and Ulta also sell this set for similar price points.)


I would never have considered Forever 21 as a spot for finding beauty products outside of a cheap nail polish, but they actually have a pretty large selection of face masks that range from about $2-6.  There are so many different options that you could have a lot of fun mixing and matching or hosting a spa night.  I packed a couple sheet masks on our road trip which was great when my skin started getting dry from all the traveling and easy to throw on in the car.  There seems to be a bigger option in stores than online, though and running to a Forever 21 store just to grab a couple masks might be more work than it’s worth, but if you’re already there for other things I think it’s worth trying a few out.


Sephora has their own collection of masks that boast a variety of benefits.  They seem to be good for sensitive skin, and the hydrating rose mask does make your skin feel soft, but I can’t say for certain they’re all super effective.  The biggest downside?  At $6 a piece they’re more expensive than your other options, so if you can grab them while they’re being sold as a set you’ll get a better deal.


7th Heaven face masks are available at such a large variety of places, from Walmart to Walgreens to Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond, which means you can avoid the hassle of heading to a mall or waiting on an online order.  And at about $2 a piece they’re a serious steal.  The Dead Sea Peel Off Mask smells like a men’s product, but in a good way, and my skin was so smooth when I peeled it off, yet my favorite are the self-heating masks.  I’m so intrigued by a product that instantly gets warm when it comes in contact with your skin.  My favorite part about the 7th Heaven masks though is their strong stance against animal testing, since you know you’re getting an affordable product that you can feel good about using.