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Last December, we decided we really wanted to up our coffee table game and add a little fun conversation starter for when guests visited.  We made a trip to our local Lego store where we were able to mix and match our own set of bricks and bought enough neutral-hued building blocks to fill up a pretty glass box.  It blends nicely with our other decor and doesn’t look overly childish thanks to the muted color scheme, yet adds a playful touch and is unsurprisingly a hit regardless of the age range of our guests.  Obviously, Legos are a great gifting idea for the pre-tween crew, but there’s a good reason the age range listed goes to 99 and up.  A carefully selected, color-coded set of blocks in a storage container meant to be seen would also make a unique gift for those well past puberty.  I’ve rounded up a few other lighthearted trinkets below fit for coffee table showcasing, in case Legos aren’t your thing, like a marble tic-tac-toe set or ombre puzzle, that as entertaining as they are stylish and perfect for gift giving or receiving.