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Sally’s Secret Weapons

For most of the summer my hair routine goes as follows: wash, air dry, and go.  Unless I have something that requires me to put a little more effort into my hair, I try to avoid hot styling tools at all costs during the warmer months.  That said, I love the look of beauty waves, but my skills with a curling iron are minimal.  I decided it was time to change that and went to Sally Beauty asking for advice.  The girl there recommended this curling iron.  I’ll be honest, the look of this thing intimidated me, but she assured me that it was actually the easiest to use since your hair falls right into the grooves and the trick is to not put it on the highest heat.  That last part threw me for a loop as someone who always assumed the tool was most effective at its maximum heat so this new advice has been a game changer.

She also let me know that I could continue my wash and air dry portion of my routine, but that I should incorporate this leave-in conditioner into the mix and I’ve been loving it so far.  Not only does it add a little shine, but it also helps protect my hair from sun damage so it’s like sunscreen for my hair.

So now it’s wash, spray in leave-in conditioner, air dry, curl on a low heat, and finish with a texture spray.  I’ve tried a lot of sea salt and texture products over the years, and this one is the first that doesn’t make my hair feel heavy and gross.  I’m still mastering the art of the beachy wave, but with the help of my new tools, it’s getting much easier.

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