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Laundry Lessons

A lot of my summer wardrobe is made up of fairly delicate pieces.  Lace and crochet detailing, fringed tassels and thin spaghetti straps on little cotton dresses need extra attention on laundry day since I’ve learned the hard way that although the tag says they’re machine washable, even the most delicate cycle can destroy my favorite pieces.  I currently have a little collection of dresses that I need to hand repair or bring somewhere to have fixed, but I haven’t had the time to do either.  Since I’m tired of seeing pretty summer pieces go unworn after a laundry debacle, I’ve finally gotten smart and have been using my Dryel bags to launder my sundresses and jumpsuits.  Not only does it cut the laundry process in half, but I no longer worry about any pulls or tears.  Even though our washer and dryer are still pretty new (about two years old), things tend to still snag, but the Dryel bag keeps everything safe.  I’m no longer not wearing things out of fear of ruining them come laundry day and making full use of my summer wardrobe.

While this post was sponsored by Dryel, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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