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At Home

When we bought our nearly century-old home, we knew we’d be doing most all of the renovations on our own, so I got the grand idea that I would start a home blog, one that would be completely separate from my personal style site.  Spoiler alert, while we took a lot of pictures during our renovation process (that is still ongoing, mind you), starting a whole new site was a lofty goal that never came to fruition.  Without boring you with why our first attempt at a “Home” site didn’t pan out, I’ll cut to the chase and let you know that we’re giving it another go.  Except this time, it’s not a completely separate site, instead, it’s more of a division of my current site; which you’ll notice got a pretty hefty makeover.  We’re pretty proud of many of our at home projects, and since they’re d.i.y., we get a lot of questions about how we did them, so this space will be for us to share them, along with things we’re loving for the home, maybe a few recipes, and whatever “homey” things we feel like sharing along the way.  I didn’t want to turn my personal style site into a lifestyle blog, and I didn’t want to abandon my daily outfits for domestic d.i.y.’s so that’s why you’ll notice two tabs at the top of the page.  One takes you to my “Latest Looks”, and the other takes you to what I’m loving and how I’m styling “At Home”. I look forward to hearing what you think!