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Have You Met Dryel Yet?

I already make a point to keep our linen closet stocked with Dryel cloths so when Dryel invited me to join their ambassador program I jumped at the opportunity to partner with one of my favorite household staples.  Truth be told, I hate doing laundry and I’m notorious for forgetting to put my wet clothes in the dryer and then having to re-wash them, adding steps to the whole laundry process.

Come on, let’s review the steps. First, you’ve got to sort, then wash, than dry or hang dry, then fold/hang and put away.  It might not sound like very many steps, but when you compare it to the Dryel bag where you throw everything in, toss it in the dryer and then put it away, I prefer the Dryel method.

While this post was sponsored by Dryel, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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