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Summer Bucket List

I crossed one more thing off our list last week.  Although we threw together a yard sale at the last minute, we were able to get rid of a few bigger things that were taking up valuable garage space — things like the washer and dryer and treadmill the previous owners had left behind.  This week I asked CK for his summer bucket list.  Of course his was (mostly) more practical than mine have been, and a little more time consuming, but hey, that’s alright.

Finish our backyard – Over the last few weeks we’ve started making over our backyard.  When we moved in there was a chain link fence and cement everywhere.  We’ve made having a July 4th party a tradition the last few years, so the goal is to have our backyard finished by then.  We’ve (well, okay, I’ve supervised) already swapped out our fence and added some greenery, so we’re almost done this one.

Paint the third floor – Our office resides on the third floor of our home, but there are also two little rooms up there that we haven’t done anything with yet.  We’ve talked about finally painting this area since we moved in, and this summer would be the perfect time to finally finish the area.

Get a second tap for the keg – For his birthday I got CK kegerator conversion kit to make use of the old fridge in our basement.  Well, it turns out having only one beer option to drink at all times gets kind of old, so he’s been wanting a second tap to make it a little easier to switch things up.  Like I said, his bucket list is mostly practical.

Play Scrabble under the stars

  Have a yard sale

Try making homemade bread

Tie-dye something to wear this summer

Send snail mail to a friend

  Make homemade pickles