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Herb Appeal

I love to cook so in the spring I’d decided I really wanted to start growing some fresh herbs.  I don’t have much of a green thumb, the cilantro I’d been especially excited about didn’t make it, but since we’ve moved the plants outside (and since I haven’t been in charge of their care) they’ve really been thriving.  Even though being off my feet has meant I’ve had to turn over my kitchen duties these last few weeks, I have to say CK, who’s kitchen specialties used to stop at eggs and toast or frozen pizzas, has turned out some restaurant-worthy meals.  It’s amazing what some fresh herbs can do to  liven up even the simplest of dishes.

We’re currently growing our favorite staples, basil, thyme, parsley, and rosemary.  Some of our favorite quick and easy dishes that really benefit from our new herb garden?  We love sprinkling rosemary in omelets or grilled cheeses, mixing thyme into softened butter for corn on the cob, fresh basil takes pasta dishes to the next level and is always on hand for the easiest caprese appetizer, and parsley is the perfect garnish for pretty much everything, chicken, fish, beef, you name it!