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Summer Book Club

I love getting lost in books, and a book that can make me laugh or even smirk is always a hit with me.  I read the Babe Walker books, White Girl Problems and Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book, and they were absolutely ridiculous in exactly the way you’d hope they would be, so when I found out the creative minds behind Babe Walker wrote another book, of course I had to read it.  In the same way that those books were entertaining in an absurd way, when I read an excerpt from Wednesday Martin’s memoir and had the opportunity to read an early release, I was immediately sucked in.  Add these books to your beach bag if you can appreciate exaggerated caricatures of the sorority and Upper East Side social circles.

Primates of Park Avenue (Wednesday Martin)

You’ve probably heard about this book by now and the world of women with “wife bonuses” and mean girl mommies.  A lot of it is nothing new and some parts might seem inflated, but if you go into it without taking it too seriously, it’s an interesting look into another woman’s world.

Dirty Rush (Taylor Bell)

If you were in a sorority you’ll probably have some flashes of nostalgia reading this one, but hopefully not too many since it depicts life on frat row to an unflattering extreme.  Either way, it’s sure to make you laugh and maybe even cringe a little.

{c/o glasses}