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Summer Bucket List

I didn’t make a whole lot of progress on last week’s list, with the exception of checking homemade pickles off my summer bucket list.  (*You can find the recipe I used below.)  I’ll be taking it easy this weekend, but I do have big plans to get outside to enjoy the newest renovations to our backyard and the beautiful weather.

Play Scrabble under the stars – I love game nights, and when it’s just the two of us at home our favorite game is one that involves a little friendly competition and the biggest words we can think of.  Since we can’t head out for a night on the town just yet, an evening “in,” spent outside testing our vocabulary doesn’t sound half bad.

Have a yard sale – We’ve been talking about hosting a yard sale since we moved nearly two summers ago now.  Somehow we still have a lot of boxes to sort through and rooms to decorate and figure out, but we have decided there are a few bigger items taking up space that we’re ready to let go of.  Like the futon from my college days and the patio set that doesn’t quite go with our outdoor decor.

Try making homemade bread – I’m a sucker for freshly baked bread, but I’ve never made my own.  Ever since I heard about no-knead recipes (I want to compare this NY Times recipe to this 4-hour version) I’ve been wanting to give it a try.  Hopefully, it’s as easy as it sounds.  If all goes smoothly I might even try adding in kalamata olives and a little fresh rosemary from our windowsill herb garden — yum!

Tie-dye something to wear this summer – We’re getting our backyard ready for bbq season so a set of colorful napkins or placemats would be fun and festive.  I also have a little white dress I would love to dip dyed in indigo.

Send snail mail to a friend – It takes a little more time to sit down and hand write a note which makes it feel all the more special.

  Make homemade pickles – Whenever we buy cucumbers from the local produce store or farmer’s market I never seem to find enough uses for them before they go bad so I’d love to try out a homemade pickle recipe.

* I’m never one to follow a recipe to a T, but this mix turned out easy and delicious.  Fill a jar with cucumber slices, minced garlic (3-5 cloves), 1 tablespoon salt, 3 tablespoons white vinegar, a few peppercorns and a few sprigs of fresh dill.  Top off the jar the remainder of the way with filtered water, close the lid, shake the jar and leave it on the counter for 12 hours.  After 12 hours, flip the jar upside down and leave it to sit for another 12 hours, then give it one more good shake and place it in the fridge to chill.  Keep refrigerated and enjoy!